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What Can You Expect?

A Personalized, Empowering Relationship – As a wealth management client, you'll feel informed, empowered and confident about your choices. We're here to understand your unique needs and customize a plan that achieves your goals.

Flexibility and Adaptability – Instead of using the same third party money managers that many other firms use, McCoy Foat Wealth Management clients enjoy the flexibility and adaptability of a custom-fit solutions.

Precision and Control – As an alternative to traditional mutual fund portfolios, we'll help you evaluate the option of using exchange traded funds to achieve greater precision and control over your investments.

Tactical, Proactive Approach – In addition to the typical buy and hold strategy, you'll be educated about the advantages of momentum investing so you can proactively identify and follow trends in today's financial markets.

Tax Integration – With one convenient partner for all your tax, accounting and wealth management needs, you can feel certain that your overall financial plan is integrated and that all strategies work together for your common good.

We Do This Through a Defined Five Step Process That Includes:

  • Discovery – We not only help you identify what your financial goals are, but we help you determine what they can be.
  • Evaluation – We help you evaluate your current financial strategies and how they are impacting your goals.
  • Recommendation – We help you develop new financial strategies to achieve your goals.
  • Implementation – We do the heavy lifting; we coordinate the implementation for you.  We work with your current financial advisors or you can work with ours.  Either way, we help you make sure it gets DONE.
  • Monitoring and Adjustment – Once you have implemented your financial strategy, we help you monitor and adjust it to stay on track for your goal.

Serving veterinary professionals, medical professionals,
dental professionals and small business owners in West Linn,
Oregon City and the Portland Oregon metro area.
investment strategies — exchange traded funds
third party money management — tax planning
insurance planning — retirement planning — college funding
estate planning — financial planning — gifting strategies


Advisory services offered through McCoy Foat Wealth Management Group (MFWMG). Securities and additional advisory services through Independent Financial Group, LLC (IFG), a registered broker-dealer and investment advisor. Member FINRA / SIPC. McCoy Foat Wealth Management Group and IFG are not affiliated. Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction:  310 N. State Street, Suite 206, Lake Oswego OR 97034.

Consult McCoy Foat & Co CPAs for tax advice. MFWMG and IFG do not offer tax or legal advice.